Iphone Advice Everyone Needs To Know About

If you’re a new iphone owner, you may feel confused or overwhelmed by its features. Do not allow yourself to be intimated by this new device. Read the information in this article to learn the ways to fully use your new phone.

It’s easy to place a call while using Safari to browse the Internet. For example, let’s say you are looking for a dry cleaner. When you locate the number, you do not have to type it in to call the business. Instead, simply press your finger onto the number you want to call and you’ll be connected instantly.

Your iphone has the ability to get you from place to place. You could utilize the in-built map facility for finding your way around unknown areas that you are visiting. This can also be bookmarked so that you can go back to the spot that you were at.

Use this tip to send text messages more quickly. If you prefer not to insert the word suggested by the dictionary while texting, tap your finger anywhere on your iPhone’s screen; this dismisses the suggestion. You need not close it using the small “x”.

The iphone displays previews of messages coming in on your lock screen. Some people like this, but others don’t. In the latter case, you’ll be pleased to know that this is a feature you can easily disable. Access settings, select “notifications” and then enter the “messages” option. Touch the Show Preview option and turn it to the off setting.

The Safari browser in your phone is fully-functional and can do anything you could on a regular computer, including saving Internet pictures. Tap and hold any pictures you run across that you would like to save. The context menu pops up and lets you store the photo directly to the image app, if you have one. Alternately, you can copy the image into a text message.

When you make AutoText shortcuts for commonly typed phrases, you can cut down the amount of time you spend emailing and texting on your iphone. You will find this to be useful when you are repeatedly typing email addresses or regularly used phrases such as ‘on my way’. This shortcut is in the iPhone’s keyboard settings.

When you are using the Safari browser on your iphone, there is no need for you to type in the .com extension in order to reach a site. Simply enter Amazon in the URL space to navigate directly to their website.

A neat little iphone function is to add a ringtone that your prefer. Don’t stick with the default tone like most people do. There are several ways to get new ringtone or sound bytes including downloading your favorite song. This is an attention grabber.

You may well feel that your iPhone’s word suggestions cost you more time than they save. You can tap the screen if you don’t want it to suggest anything to you. There is no need to tap the x that appears after every word.

Reminders Based

You probably already know your phone can set reminders based on certain times. Did you know that it’s possible to set reminders based on location? As an example, you are able to say, “I need to call the dentist when I get home.” There are lots of different reminders that can be implemented on the iphone.

Your iPhone’s calander can be a great tool. You can quickly use this tool by directly adding events instead of always using “+” button. In “Day” view mode, time based events can be created by holding your finger on a particular hour. With this quick scheduling, you’ll have more time to be more efficient elsewhere!

After reading this article, you should be aware of how many amazing things can be done with an iphone. Once you know what you are doing, your new iphone can transform your life in many ways. Try using the tricks and tips from the article to make the iphone work better for you.